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The LaPena Law Corporation concentrates on all aspects of Indian law, tribal governmental and economic development issues. 

Land Use Planning and Environmental Law

The LaPena Law Corporation advises tribal clients in environmental law, both with respect to new construction and tribal gaming compact compliance.  This advice involves application of tribal, state and federal environmental laws including the National Environmental Protection Act and the California Environmental Quality Act.  In order to effectively advise tribal clients on environmental issues, LaPena Law Corporation attorneys provide advice, counseling, negotiation and representation in the following areas:

  • Tracking federal resource agency rulemaking and policy-making that impacts tribal land use, protection and access;
  • Monitoring proposed legislation and analyzing its potential impact on tribal rights;
  • Briefing agencies, legislative and congressional staff to increase awareness and obtain support of decision-makers;
  • Maintaining relationships with key local, state and federal decision makers; and
  • Defending legal challenges to tribal development projects under CEQA and NEPA.

Land Into Trust & Land Acquisition

The land into trust process has many aspects-- from drafting and submitting tribal resolutions and the application, to compliance with the National EnvironUOUOUOUOyOUOU*OOU+O+UOU+O*O*Uş+